Collection Guide

Thank you so much for choosing me to be a part of your amazing event! I am so glad I get to be a part of it. :)


It is best to order your Invitations and/or Save the Dates at least 2-3 months before you need to send them out. The estimated turnaround time for the whole process is around 6-11 weeks depending on what you order. Here is a rough timeline of how your order will proceed:


Submit Order

Once you have submitted your order, I’ll follow up with an email to go over everything with you, including getting yur.  


Your proof will be sent via email about 7-14 days after you’ve provided me with all the necessary information to start your order. This is your one chance to revise your wording/calligraphy. If more rounds of proofs are needed, a fee of $45 per round is charged. 


From there I’ll make the changes and give you the final proof to sign off on before it’s sent to the printers. Your invitations take about 5-8 weeks to complete depending on what customizations and a la carte items were ordered.


After everything has been completed and quality checked, I will ship them to you via UPS and provide you with a tracking number! Once you receive your order, look over it to make sure everything looks great. Contact me within 7 days if there are any problems!

Voila! You're done :)


Paper Options

Eggshell 134# (Digital)

This off-white paper is the our standard option for the digital printing.  It has the weight of a heavy cardstock. See example here.


2ply Eggshell & Black (Letterpress, Foil)

This paper is thicker than the Eggshell 134# paper and is offered for letterpress and foil printing. Remember that letterpress ink is semi-translucent so black paper works best with foil printing.  See example here.





Handmade Ivory, Gray, & Sage (Letterpress, Foil)

Handmade paper has a semi-rough texture. naturally deckled edges, and inconsistencies that give a more organic feel to invitations. There will be slight variations in size, paper thickness, print quality, color, etc. Both letterpress and foil print beautifully on it. It is thinner than the Eggshell 134# paper, similar to a lightweight cardstock. See example here.





Compare Thicknesses: Handmade Paper, Eggshell 134#, 2ply

If you are interested in other paper/material options, please inquire here.


Printing Methods

If you have any questions about colors, don't hesitate to ask. The colors provided here are hand selected to work best with the collections but custom colors may be available upon request.


Digital printing is the most budget friendly option. Digital prints are limited to our Eggshell 134# paper.










 Digital "Rain" print on Eggshell 134# paper.

Digital "Rain" print on Eggshell 134# paper.



Letterpress printing results in a unique debossing into the paper. Letterpress inks are not 100% opaque. It is best to letterpress on Eggshell or Ivory paper if you are concerned about the color of the paper showing through. Our Rose Garden Collection shows an example of how the translucency effects the ink color. It was printed with Gray letterpress ink on Sage paper.








 Letterpress "Fog" print on Eggshell 2ply paper.

Letterpress "Fog" print on Eggshell 2ply paper.



Foil printing is 100% opaque and printed on the 2ply or handmade paper. It provides shiny metallics with a slight debossing onto the paper (but not as deep as letterpress). White foil is provided as opposed to ink since letterpress ink is translucent.


White Foil

Gold Foil

Silver Foil

Rose Gold Foil

 Gold Foil  print on Handmade Ivory paper.

Gold Foil  print on Handmade Ivory paper.


If you are interested in other color options, please inquire here.


Envelope Options

*If you have any questions about colors, don't hesitate to ask here. The envelope colors provided here are selected to work best with the collections but custom colors may be available upon request.

Regular: Eggshell, Black, Light Gray, Cool Blue

Used for: Handmade (Digital), Eggshell 134#, and 2ply papers. 

All envelopes have a deep-V flap. The Light Gray and Cool Blue envelopes do not match our ink colors exactly but are paired to work beautifully with them. See example here.


eggshell a7.png

Light Gray

pale grey a7.png


black a7.png

Cool Blue

cool blue a7.png

Handmade: Ivory, Gray, & Sage

Used for: Handmade (Letterpress, Foil) papers. 

These handmade envelopes match the handmade (Letterpress, Foil) papers although colors may vary slightly due to its handmade nature. All envelopes have a deckle-edge V flap. See example here.







If you are interested in other envelope options, please inquire here.


Calligraphy Styles

Calligraphy is an art form and so variances in letterforms and styles may change slightly. Organic scripts are meant to vary a bit more due to their organic nature.


If you have any questions about calligraphy styles, please inquire here.


Font Styles


For a more classic, traditional, or vintage look. See example  here.



For a modern feel. See example here.


Submitting your Wording

Orders cannot begin until finalized wording questionnaires have been completed. This includes all information that is to be written on the invitation, RSVP card, and any other items you are ordering. Please finalize and review your documents for any mistakes before submitting.

Please submit your wording pertaining to your ordered items:


Do you have samples?

Yes! I have a limited number of samples  so contact me here if want to purchase any. The cost of samples go toward your final order if you decide to proceed :)

Can I customize the number of pieces I order?

My semi-custom collections are priced in steps of 25 to streamline the pricing and production process. I recommend ordering at least 10 pieces more than what you need to make room for guest list changes and keepsakes. To order a customized quantity, please contact me here. Extra production time and setup fees will apply. Orders cannot go below the minimum 25 pieces.

I forgot to order extra invitations! Can I still add them on?

Please contact me as soon as possible here. A re-setup fee and extra production time will be added to your order. Rush fee may also apply depending on when you need them.

Can I customize the collections a bit more to my taste?

Of course! Any changes to the semi-custom collections that are beyond the options listed above will be considered a custom invitation! Please contact me  here to get a quote from me. A more customized collection may require a phone, video, or online chat to discuss options. Production time may increase by 2-4 weeks.

Can I do a rush order (anything less than 8 weeks)?

Rush orders are taken on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me  here with your timeline to see if I'm available to accommodate. Rush orders incur a fee of 30% of your order total.

Ready to Customize?