Custom Invitations

Congratulations on your engagement!  Now is the time to think about invitations! The earlier you start, the more time I’ll have to help you achieve your vision. My custom design process usually begins about 6-8 months before your wedding!

The invitations you wanted but just couldn’t find.

Do you want invitations that are designed to fit perfectly with YOUR wedding vision? I’m here to help! When I mean custom, I mean CUSTOM! Do you want to print on handmade paper? I got you! Do you want your invitations to be so unique you’ll make your already-married friends jealous? Let’s do it! ;) Your invitations are the first impression your guests are going to have so let's make it AMAZING!

I’m not just designing.

I’m here to help you with every tricky little thing along the way! I know you’re coming into this blind and you’re no expert...that’s okay! That’s what I’m here for, so you don’t have to worry! I’ll be here to answer every question you have for me. You might become my new texting buddy and I’m looking forward to it! I might even text you cute photos of my dog on accident (true story!)

I’m going to spend weeks sourcing materials, creating & refining designs, and then producing everything to fit YOUR vision.

I'm also all about the details

After your invitations we’ll move onto your day-of ephemera! Menus, seating charts, welcome signs…. I’ve got you covered! From start to finish I’ll make sure everything is cohesive and beautifully curated to your event.

The best part is, you get to keep everything and look back on them for years to come. And I’m SO honored to be a part of that memory.

Want to see what I can do?

And when you're ready to get started...